5 Travel Comfy Outfit Ideas for Men

Travel and Leisure News: All your bags are packed and you’re ready to go.

But have you got all the clothes and accessories that will help you travel in style?

When it comes to pulling together outfits for travel, there are things you need to consider: style and comfort. While you certainly want to look great on your Instagram photos, you want to dress comfortably to enjoy the adventures. How do you do that? Keep reading.

Travel Clothes for Men


Choosing what to wear when you travel is important.

But the good news is you need not go overboard when pulling off travel outfits. Choose pieces that you can layer. This way, you can easily add or take off some layers depending on how cold or hot your travel can be.

Jacket + jeans + shirt

Wherever you’re going – whether you are headed to the tropical countries of South Asia or to the coldest destinations in Europe, always pack a jacket. It’s one of the most important clothing pieces when traveling. It’s your best source of warmth and comfort during the early morning train journeys and the overzealous AC in the plane.

For a more stylish take on this outfit, opt for a well-fitted denim jacket. It makes a perfect layer for a t-shirt or even a button-down shirt.

Buttoned down + chinos/jeans

Buttoned down shirts have some formality in them but they also make a comfy, laidback base for your outfit.

For your trousers, you have several options. You can wear jogging bottoms for pure comfort, chinos for comfort, style and some formality (ideal for business travels), or denim for a more styled and relaxed look.

Graffiti shirt + corduroy pants

Corduroy trousers might be the most underused trousers. But when paired with graffiti t-shirt and sneakers, this outfit can turn heads for you.

If you’re headed to a warm destination, consider cropped fit or roll them up upon your arrival.

When packing travel clothes, the key is to stick to one color palette. This way, you can easily mix and match your travel outfits. Among the best color options are white, black, and blue. These colors are versatile enough to suit various locations and climates.

Travel Shoes

Your travel shoes are just as important as your travel clothes. Foot swelling during air travel is common. And upon reaching your destination, you’ll have a lot of walking (maybe running), and roaming around. Thus, make sure you get yourself a pair of comfortable shoes for men.


Men’s comfortable shoes are those that feel great for a prolonged time but are suitable enough for the rigors of travel. Ideally, these are versatile enough to be used for various occasions, such as a formal meeting with a client, a dinner with your colleagues after, or an evening walk around the city. You don’t want to bring several pairs of shoes!

Style and comfort

Among the best choices include Oxford shoes which are stylish, versatile, and comfortable for walking around or trainers which are lightweight, durable, and have enough stability to get you to as many tourist attractions as you can. You can also pack a pair of travel sandals for a more relaxed, laidback look without sacrificing your comfort.


Travel Accessories

After packing your travel clothes and shoes, it’s time to move on to the little, important details: your travel accessories.


Bring several pairs of socks for added comfort. Socks are also very important for airport travels.


You can use a carry-on by hand, over your shoulder or as a backpack. It’s also very easy to stuff into the overhead bin on the airplane or in the trunk of your car.

Travel-only phone case

You could find yourself stuck on the runway for hours. A little source of entertainment goes a long way.


Sunglasses are your best travel buddy, from those early morning trips to late-night adventures. A pair of sunnies should also keep you feeling comfortable while taking some power nap on the plane.

Wrapping it Up

Whether you’re going on a vacation or headed to a business trip, these travel outfit ideas will make you look stylish while feeling comfortable the entire time. You can always bring other pieces that reflect your fashion statement but make sure you have the staples: shirt, denim/chino trousers, and jacket, along with comfortable men’ shoes and accessories.

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