34-year-old man charged after knowingly infecting his girlfriend with HIV

A 34-year-old man charged with aggravated assault for knowingly infecting his girlfriend with HIV has been sentenced to prison.

According to court documents, Karim Zakikhani’s then-girlfriend noticed a considerable drop in weight, was sick often and had a thrush discovered in her mouth in 2014.

She told investigators that the two had stopped using protection in December 2013 after Zakikhani told her that no sexually transmittable diseases had been found in his exam.

The girlfriend discovered she was HIV positive after a dental checkup and referral to another doctor.

The girlfriend also said she found out that Zakikhani was still married during the time of their relationship, court documents stated.

According to court documents, the wife confirmed to the girlfriend that she had been infected with HIV by Zakikhani during sexual intercource in 2009.

Officials were able to use medical records to corroborate that Zakikhani knowingly infected his wife and girlfriend with HIV.

Zakikhani was sentenced to 30 years in prison.


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