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32-Year-Old St. Elizabeth Man Faces Court For Living With Underage Girl

St. Elizabeth, Jamaica (McN) – St. Elizabeth man who was living with a teen girl appeared before the court on Wednesday, charged with having sex with a minor.

St. Elizabeth man, 32 year old Kevin James is charged with rape, having sex with a person under 16 and harbouring a juvenile.

Reports are, the teen girl, left her home in Manchester under the pretense of visiting family in St. Elizabeth, but never showed-up to her relative. Her family received information that she was living  in the Southfield Community, St. Elizabeth with 32 year-old James; and reported the matter to the police.

On police investigation, the girl was found at the home of James; the police arrested James and charged him.

Bail is set for him at $500,000.

He is scheduled to return to court on May 9.

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