15 people loses their house

25 Persons Left Out in the Cold After Fire Destroys Buildings in Downtown Kingston

Jamaica Crime News, Kingston: Twenty-five persons have been left out in the cold, after a fire which is believed to be the work of arsonists, destroyed several buildings which they occupied along Orange Street, in downtown Kingston, between Wednesday night into Thursday morning.

Reports by the police are that about midnight on Wednesday, residents saw smoke coming from one of the building and raised an alarm.

Other occupants of the building quickly joined in and they attempted to put out the blaze themselves.

The fire was spreading through the old buildings rapidly, so the fire department was alerted.

Upon their arrival,  it took the firefighters several hours to get the blaze under control. Following cooling down operations, it was discovered that the occupants of the buildings lost personal belongings, household furniture and goods.

A source attached to the fire department stated that approximately twenty-five persons, who were using the buildings for commercial and dwelling purposes, are now detached due to damages caused by the fire.

An investigation is now being carried out.

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