10 People Shot

10 People Shot,Three Dead in Westmoreland Within Six Days

Westmoreland, Jamaica (McKoy’s News) – 10 People Shot in Westmoreland: As cold hearted gunmen continue their reign of terror on Western Jamaica, the parish of Westmoreland has now been placed under siege following a total of ten persons shot, three fatal over the past six days.

Sources close to the Westmoreland police say they are now assessing new crime fighting strategies to approach this upsurge of violence.

The police source also mentioned that most of these shootings have stemmed from gang violence, which has erupted in several communities since the start of the year.

The six days of violence started last Thursday, where one man was shot and injured by gunmen in Race Course community.

Then again on Sunday, gunmen went on a rampage and shot up a party at Big Bridge, in the aftermath two male patrons were hospitalized.

Gunmen struck again on Monday, this time at Georges Plain killing one, shortly after a flare-up of shooting occurred at Dexter Community where two men were shot and injured.

The Savanna-la-mar Police Station in Westmoreland. 10 People Shot, Three Dead in Westmoreland Within Six Days

Also on Monday night, gunmen travelling on a motorcycle shot two people at Gully Bank, the female died while the male was admitted to hospital in critical condition.

The rampage by the gunmen did not stop there. On Tuesday afternoon, about 4:45 pm, Curtis Malcolm was shot and killed by gunmen at Race Course, later that afternoon the gunmen invaded a premise at Carawina district, where another male was shot and seriously injured.

This spade of shooting has left most police officers in the parish tight-lipped, most residents without a comment and in fear of their lives.

They are now calling for the full intervention of the Jamaica Defense Force.

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