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Zoo Bug Charged with Murder of St James High Student Tianna Clarke

St James High School Student Murder, Tianna Clark

Jamaica News, March 8, 2018 – Zoo Bug Charged with Murder

St James, Jamaica (McKoy’s News) – Investigators attached to the Freeport police and Granville CIB Departments in Montego Bay, St James, say they have now officially laid murder charges against the prime suspect in the murder of the 14-year-old St James High School student in Granville community on Friday night of February 16.

Investigators pointed out that the accused man, Owen Allen, otherwise called  “Zoo Bug”,  of Browns Lane also in Granville, has now been slapped with charges of murder and is booked to appear before the St James Parish Court sometime this week.

Our new team learnt that immediately after the student’s body was discovered and Allen was named as a prime suspect,  a public appeal was made by the police for him to turn himself over to the law.  This he did several hours later at the Freeport police station.

News of his arrest then reached the community and angry residents of Granville set the suspect’s house on fire the following Saturday night and burnt it to the ground.

The accused was charged in connection with the murder of Tianna Clarke 14-year-old eighth grade student who attends St James High school in Montego Bay.

Mother of the slain student, Valisha Vidal, stated that Tianna came to her shortly after 8:00 p.m. on Friday night and asked her for some money to purchase a cup noodle soup at a neighboring shop.  She further stated that she gave the money to her daughter and she left for the shop.

Ms. Vidal said several hours passed, she noticed that it was getting late and Tianna did not return, so she thought she had gone to her father’s house, which she would normally do.

The mother said she fell asleep but when got up later that night and discovered that her daughter still had not returned home, she got very concern as to the whereabouts of her daughter.

At daybreak on Saturday morning, she made contact with the child’s father and he informed her that he did not see Tianna that night, so she immediately went to the Granville police station and made a report that the child was missing.

On her way back home, a close friend informed her that residents in the area had stumbled upon a body in an abandoned building close to her house, and they believe that it was her daughter Tiana.

Investigators stated that upon arrival, they discovered the child lying in a pool of blood, in a nude state with multiple stab wounds all over her body. Also, a plastic bag was found covering her head which was also bashed in.

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