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122 Murdered In Westmoreland Since The Start Of The Year

St. James, Jamaica (McKoy’s News)- ZEEKS THE BARBER MURDERED IN MONTEGO BAY: A well known  Barber was shot and killed by a lone gunman along a section of the Barnett Street and St. James Street intersection on Thursday morning.

Dead is Andra William otherwise called Zeeks 34 years old of Red Dirt in Flankers, St. James.

Reports are that William who operates from the Clock Tower Barber shop was walking down Barrett Street about 12:10 am on Thursday.  On reaching the vicinity of the Courts Store along the St. James Street and Barnett Street intersection one man armed with two handguns jumped from a car and open fire at him. Williams attempted to run but was shot several times to his upper body. The gunman then ran from the scene and made his  escape in a waiting Black motor car.

Officers attached to the Barnett Street station which is just a few few from where the barber was shot overheard the gunshots and ran outside to investigate. They came upon the wounded barber who was lying in a pool of blood. He was transported to the Cornwall Regional Hospital where he was pronounced dead.

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