You ‘Nah Fi Like’ Alkaline’s Latest Song, But You Should Hear The Vybz Kartel Diss

Alkaline shared a new song on Monday (April 20) via his YouTube channel, titled ‘Nah Fi Like‘, marking the dancehall deejay’s fifth release since the start of the year.  The track is expected to stir up controversy as it appears to explicitly diss long-time rival, Vybz Kartel.  Listen to the new song below.

Reminiscent of “classic” Alkaline, Nah Fi Like comes with a witty intro, a banging beat and clean production by Studio Vibes Ent. backing up his lyrical flow. The dance-ready banger hit 65,000 views within an hour of release, with many fans asking if the hitmaker ever really fell off.

In the lyrics, Alkaline addresses artistes who claim to “run the city” as TeeJay and Kartel did in Up Top Gaza released two weeks ago.   Alkaline doesn’t understand how one can say they “run the streets” but “cyan seet” (can’t see it) nor “get no p—y”.

This would have been enough to get the message across, but Alkaline continues with “annie palmer, betta hold yuh corna” — possibly meaning that the artiste he’s addressing, the one without physical access to the streets and female company, can only use his palms. Vybz Kartel‘s last name is also Palmer.  Alkaline has a storied history of beef with the incarcerated deejay, who recently lost his appeal and claims he is the new King of the Dancehall.

Nah Fi Like also follows the release of the Vendetta Boss’ Monopoly 3 weeks ago, which is thought to be a diss track aimed at both TeeJay and Popcaan that ridiculed them for being “bad man” posers. TeeJay followed up with Bing Bing but the track contained no direct regard for Alkaline save for the animation of a Vendetta mask being burnt in the official lyric video.

On April 8, some spirited fans of the Up Top Boss were seen in a video painting over a wall portrait of what appears to be Alkaline in the Rosalie Avenue in Waltham Park, Jamaica.

The GAZA nation was up in arms last week when breakout star Intence made similar references about Vybz Kartel in his song, Question.  A leaked voice note, which Intence denies, also surfaced making light of the Worl’ Boss’ situation in prison without female company.  Kartel replied, boasting of his many exploits with the ladies before he was jailed in 2011.

The Man Himself, whose real name is Earlan Bartley, teased the song’s release on Sunday night via Instagram, sharing the single’s artwork and asking his over 700k followers if they were “ready”.

Alkaline’s fans are excited about the new banger as they dropped fire emojis all over the comments feeds and recited lyrics including fan-favorite, “Nah fi like mi gwaan guh s— yuh madda”.

“A text one gyal and see Vendetta notif come in.. Naffi ask if she a wait till mi listen dis round 5 time before mi reply,” said one fan. “You can hate Alka but you can’t stop him from making good music”, said another.

“BBC the god is back all when everybody a loose hope mi know di man jus a relax,” added another.

Alkaline’s much anticipated New Rules concert, which was set to be staged this week at the National Stadium in Jamaica, has been postponed due to the COVID-19 virus threat. The singer’s New Era Production team have indicated that tickets purchased already will still be valid for the new date, which has not yet been announced.

Listen to Alkaline’s Nah Fi Like below.


Source: Dancehallmag

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