Is Yendi Phillipps Pregnant?

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Jamaica News, February 1, 2018 (Mckoy’s News) – Yendi Phillipps fans went into an uproar of congratulation when they say the below picture of her pregnant belly. The former beauty queen earlier this week posted a picture of what she says is her first pregnancy, but her fans ignored the caption and hashtags which says she is not pregnant and just reminiscing on what was – they went straight to the picture and began to respond.

Yedi’s Caption said:
“Reminiscing on when I used to send telepathic love letters to my baby….,” she wrote. “Now I receive love letters from my most compassionate, wonderful, spirited big little girl! see my Insta story .”

However, even with the hashtags “please read the caption before you send congrats” and “not pregnant, and “no baby on board” indicating that this was a throwback pregnancy photo – Yendi’s followers were determined to state that she is in fact pregnant.

They immediately began sending her “ lines of congratulations.” Some saying Phillipps is hinting baby number two.

Yendi Phillipps responded that is not so, noting that she was just reminiscing – that’s all.

Yendi Phillipps
Yendi Phillipps says this a picture of her sending telepathic love letters daughter while she was pregnant. Her daughter now gives her love letters, according to the former beauty queen.

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