YEDAI Project Proposes Film Fund

Jamaica News: The Youth Employment in the Digital and Animation Industry (YEDAI) Project has put forward a proposal to establish a film fund, with the goal of having it successfully confirmed by 2020.

This was among the many goals listed by Business Development Consultant in the Office of the Prime Minister, Carlos Biern, on the final day of the KingstOOn Animation Festival, Sunday, April 7.

“I think a fund is definitely needed for animation and the film industry, to build the animation ecosystem,” he told JIS News, adding that he believes the various Ministers are ready to advance the idea.

“Other countries have tried this approach and have reaped the benefits, such as activating employment and activating foreign investments,” Mr. Biern said.

Other short-term (two-year) goals for the animation industry iterated by the consultant included having local investors signed to accelerate existing studios; having at least one foreign co-production (show or feature) on air by 2020, as well as the hosting of another KingstOOn animation festival in 2020.

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In an effort to achieve these goals, the consultant encouraged companies to think globally, and create content for the rest of the world, as well as employing experienced writers and directors.

“We should work with writers and directors who already know how to do it, so that we can get [the use of] their skills,” he said.

Additionally, he urged companies to maximise on local tax incentives; embrace the advantage of Jamaica being an English-speaking country, as English rules audio-visual distribution; offer something different; find niche markets; search for the needs of the market; and push research and development.

The KingstOOn animation festival was held from April 5 to 7, in collaboration with the World Bank and the YEDAI Project.

The festival is a tool used in the thrust to grow the animation industry in Jamaica, while tackling the issue of youth unemployment.


Source: JIS News

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