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WWE WrestleMania 33 results: Dean Ambrose wins Intercontinental title

A sweet finishing sequence saw Ambrose keep his WWE IC title

The final pre-show match of WrestleMania 33 saw Dean Ambrose reverse Baron Corbin’s finisher into his own, pinning the lone wolf to retain the WWE Intercontinental Championship.

Ambrose got things off to a fast start with a suicide dive onto Corbin on the outside. However, Corbin took over and slowed down the match to his own pace, working over Ambrose in a methodical fashion.

After a long, slow period of not much happening, Ambrose finally got Corbin down by driving his shoulder into the post. He tried a crossbody but Corbin rolled him over for a two count. Ambrose sent Corbin outside and tried another dive, but Corbin caught him with a strike in midair. The second time worked, though, as Corbin got thrown through the stairs and Ambrose caught him with a crossbody off the top.

Back in the ring, the two men exchanged strikes and moves for a bit. Ambrose tried his rebound lariat off the ropes, only for Corbin to boot him and hit Deep Six for a near-fall. Ambrose recovered and hit the rebound clothesline for two.

Ambrose tried his Dirty Deeds finisher, but Dean Corbin simply picked him up and slammed him for another two count. Corbin screamed taunts in Ambrose’s faces and set up End of Days, but Ambrose made a beautiful counter into Dirty Deeds for the pinfall victory to keep his title.



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