Wray Rum Supports Stylo G’s Dreams of Making it Big

Kingston, Jamaica: – Long before Jamaicans were introduced to Stylo G, real name Jason McDermott, the young Jamaican was living in the United Kingdom, navigating the best way for the world to learn his name. Fast forward to 2019, Stylo G joined Kymani Marley as the voice and face of Wray & Nephew White Overproof Rum’s national ‘FiWiCulture’ campaign and has remained a part of the Wray Rum family ever since.

Best known for his hit songs Dumpling,Touchdown and Oh Lawd, Stylo G shared that though he left his island home to live in the UK as a teen, the culture has never left his heart.

“Dancehall has to be my core because I’m from Jamaica and spent most of my teen years in Jamaica. I went to Calabar and left when I was 15 so my accent was strong. I tried to do the British twang but it didn’t work… I realized that I had to keep the Jamaican in me to be different from everybody else,” the Call me a Yaadie singer explained.

He then shared the creative ways he maintains his connection to Jamaica. “How I maintain my ties is everything man, you know when I go to England, they give you chicken and chips and I still cook my rice and peas,” Stylo G revealed through laughter.

The young hitmaker, aptly named for his ability to add his unique style to anything, shared that after trying other popular genres at the beginning of his career to entice the British audience, Dancehall would always be his core.

As he shifted the gears of his musical career to embrace his Jamaican roots, Stylo G thought a song about Wray Rum would form the perfect segue, “I just kinda keep it authentic and dancehall, me just nah go change that. I could be doing English music or drill but me just love me culture and there’s no way I’m going to fly to a next country and just start doing a next country’s music”.

“In England when you talk about Jamaica there are a few things we use as landmarks, Wray & Nephew is one of the top ones. Once you mention Jamaica, Wray & Nephew rum plays a major part and then you have carnival. So as an upcoming artist I’m trying to get out there and show people wah gwaan. I came up with an idea for a song called White Rum, saying if I do a song maybe Wray & Nephew can help me and sponsor me because when I’m over there I see Wray & Nephew all over and yeah I came up with the song,” he added.

Though the track never left the studio, Stylo G was visibly happy to share that he was now partnering with the beloved rum brand in the studio 20 years later.  This alignment with the brand comes at a monumental occasion as the Government of Jamaica recently dubbed the rum brand as the Official Spirit of Jamaica 60th.

Watch the full interview on the Wray Rum (@wrayrum) Facebook or Instagram page to hear Stylo G perform White Rum.

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