Wray & Nephew Yesterday: Best of the 90s Celebrates the Magic of Mixes

Savouring the success of its 20th-anniversary staging last October, organisers of Wray & Nephew Yesterday ‘Best of the 90s’ decided to celebrate the magic of mixes with its loyal patrons.

Chief organiser of the staple event, Gyete Ghartey said that the event has prided itself on providing quality entertainment and engaging both locals and visitors through various elements.

“We find that our patrons from a wide market continue to give us support because we never miss the target of giving a good entertainment package that is on theme and for an affordable price – what we like to call ‘valuentertainment’,” Ghartey said.

He added, “The music is usually the high point, even new artistes recognise that and make statements like, ‘bad like 90s dancehall’ in current songs. Outside of that noticeable pull, a party like Yesterday, brings back people to a time when they were younger, with fewer responsibilities, and for one night, it’s all about being young and free.”

Adding to the mixes, musically, Marc Chin of Coppershot, DJ Smurf, and DJ Marvin, who were supported by MC Snypa Bigz created magic with the hits across all genres from the era. “We are working on a special theme for the next event, something we all have not seen in years, but we will always stay true to our theme, giving the ‘best’ and the ‘90s’ while adding a little more fire to the stage,” Ghartey said.

The popular party series best known amongst partygoers for sticking to the theme through the catalogue of music selected, has fortified its partnership with Wray & Nephew for more than a decade and with that has seen an immense growth of patronage. The fruitful partnership kept the people’s choice white overproof rum in patrons’ cups all night with exciting drink mixes.

Marsha-Ann Love, a long-time supporter of Yesterday, shared that the music as well as the service of staff from the gate to the VIP, was quality bar none. “Having attended the party for more than a decade, I can say the organisers maintained their standard and then some. The crowd was definitely having fun, the energy was on high. The music was great; all the selectors played the right tracks, so much that my sister, who accompanied me, suggested we video call our father for him to hear some of his favourite songs that we grew up on. We definitely shared a moment that makes us want to attend the event again and again,” Love said.

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