WPM Exploring Strategies to Prevent Fires at Retirement Disposal Site

Jamaica News: Western Parks and Markets (WPM) Waste Management Limited is exploring several strategies to prevent an outbreak of fire at the Retirement disposal site in St. James.

Fire broke out at the disposal site on May 18, with smoke affecting sections of the parish as well as neighbouring Hanover.

Speaking at a recent meeting in Montego Bay, WPM’s Acting Regional Operations Manager, Dramaine Jones, said the entity is looking to implement the measures within the next four months.

He said that the authority is working closely with the National Environment and Planning Agency (NEPA) in the effort.

Mr. Jones noted that already, a management review of the site is being undertaken to militate against blazes.

He said, further, that the WPM has been identifying areas of the disposal site that are a fire risk “because as you know, something as simple as a broken glass bottle can start a fire on the landfill”.

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Mr. Jones noted that training has been conducted with the sidemen “to help them with identifying when fires or smoke are in some of the bins and skips. We will also be launching a public education campaign in terms of advising residents and the general communities in terms of helping us to identify some of these fires”.

“What we are trying to do is to put all hands on deck to reduce the occurrence of fire on the landfill,” he added.

Meanwhile, Mr. Jones said WPM has been working to expand its enforcement team in order to encourage the public, including business operators, to practise proper solid waste disposal habits.

He said that the authority has been taking note of the illegal dump sites in the parish and is “looking at ways to ensure that we address them accordingly”.


Source: JIS News

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