Work Under Way to Relocate JDF’s Main Entrance

Jamaica News: The National Works Agency (NWA) has begun work to improve the flow of traffic at the Jamaica Defence Force (JDF) South Camp Road, entrance, popularly called ‘Camp Gate’.

The project, which is valued at US$2.2 million, commenced approximately two weeks ago and is slated to be completed over a six-month period.

NWA Senior Communications Officer, Ramona Lawson, told JIS News that the project is focused primarily on intersection improvement, and will entail relocation of the JDF’s main entrance to Cannon Ball Gate, which is opposite Arnold Road.

Currently, vehicles entering and exiting Up Park Camp via South Camp Road interrupt the flow of traffic along the busy thoroughfare.

Work under way to relocate the Jamaica Defence Force’s (JDF) main entrance on South Camp Road in St. Andrew. The project is being unertaken by the National Works Agency (NWA), under the Major Infrastructure Development Programme (MIDP).


“We’ll be signalising the Arnold Road/South Camp Road intersection, so we will be creating a four-way intersection, which is one of the most efficient arrangements that can exist,” Miss Lawson noted.

“We’ll be providing exclusive left and right turn lanes in and out of the JDF facility, as well as an exclusive right turning lane on to Arnold Road, so that should have a significantly positive effect on the movement of traffic along that particular corridor,” she added.

The project also involves road-widening works and upgrading of sections of pavement and some drainage features.

Additionally, the length of South Camp Road between the JDF’s existing main gate and Arnold Road will be widened to accommodate two additional lanes of traffic, while 120 metres of Arnold Road will be paved up to the intersection.

Miss Lawson said measures will be put in place to minimise any adverse impact on commuters, pedestrians and stakeholders who use the roadway.

The works are being done under the Major Infrastructure Development Programme (MIDP).


Source: JIS News

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