Work Progressing Steadily on Constant Spring/Hagley Park Road Projects

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Jamaica News: Work is progressing on the multibillion-dollar infrastructure improvement projects on Constant Spring Road and Hagley Park Road in Kingston, according to National Works Agency (NWA) Senior Communications and Customer Services Officer, Ramona Lawson.

She tells JIS News that the 18-month projects are at various stages of completion, with Constant Spring Road about 25 per cent complete, while 35 per cent of the Hagley Park Road development has already been done.

Ms. Lawson points out that work now being carried out on Constant Spring Road is mainly concentrated on the eastern side of the project area, and will soon be shifted to the western side.

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“For sewer works, we are about 80 per cent complete for one of the larger sewer lines, and for the smaller sewer line, we are about 60 per cent complete, [while] for the water line, we are 60 per cent complete. So now we are moving over to the western side to put in the main water lines there. For storm-water drainage, however, overall on the project, we are about 90 per cent complete,” she informs.

Ms. Lawson advises that paving works have been done on about a one-kilometre stretch on the eastern side of the project, between Olivier Road and Hillman Road.

“We have done base works, and that is the filling in with material to prepare for paving about 250 metres in the vicinity of Oakland as well. The plan on the Constant Spring project is to continue with the base and pavement works in areas as soon as the pipe-laying works have been completed,” she said.

A total of US$19 million is being spent on the Constant Spring Road Improvement project.

The overall works include widening of the road from two to four lanes; improved traffic management; upgrading of storm-water drainage; and construction of two additional bus bays at the transportation terminal in Manor Park.

Regarding Hagley Park Road, Ms. Lawson informs that 80 per cent of the walls along the area have been retracted to facilitate the right of way for the road expansion.

“Overall, our pipe-laying works include about seven different lines for domestic water supply. For sewer and storm-water drains on both sides of the roadway, we are about 30 per cent complete,” she says.

Ms. Lawson further advises that the bridgeworks are on target, despite some challenges experienced on the project.

“We are now about 70 per cent complete with that Hagley Park bridge. Later this month, the plan is to launch the girders [which are] basically the third to last phase of the bridge, because the girders are those structures up on which the deck will fit, and then we will pave the deck so that cars can drive on that,” she outlines.

She says the initial plan was to complete the Spanish Town Road bridge, in light of the fact that it is the lower of the two bridges.

“But because we have access and utility relocation issues along the very path that the bridge will lie, we have chosen instead to do the Hagley Park bridge first, and that is well advanced,” she discloses

Ms. Lawson says that the pace of the relocation of utilities along sections of the projects was impeding the progress of the improvement work, adding that the NWA is working to ensure that access for pedestrians and motorists is maintained in the areas.

“What we aim to do is we never restrict access completely at any area of the project unless, of course, we are working with large equipment such as cranes or excavators, and we would give adequate notice by way of the media to the motoring public,” she states.

“One of the good things about Hagley Park Road and Constant Spring Road is that they have a relatively good network of community roads and detour roads around the project,” she adds
Ms. Lawson points out that both projects involve extensive pipe-laying works.

“We are improving sewer and water lines, and we are also improving storm-water drainage… so we are laying a number of culverts and pipes,” she tells JIS News.

For the Hagley Park Road Improvement project, US$56-million is being expended on, among other things, widening of 3.6 kilometres of roadway from Three Miles to Maxfield Avenue; constructing a double overpass; installing a number of traffic signals and street lights; undertaking drainage improvement; and setting back perimeter fences and boundary walls.

These legacy projects, which are being implemented by the National Works Agency (NWA), represent a continuation of work to improve the island’s road network in order to enhance the quality of life of citizens and to stimulate economic growth and development.

The road infrastructure legacy projects, being undertaken by China Harbour Engineering Company Limited (CHEC), fall under the Government’s Major Infrastructure Development Programme (MIDP).

MIDP, which is being financed through a concessionary loan from the Government of China and the Export-Import Bank of China, is being administered by the Ministry of Economic Growth and Job Creation.


Source: JIS News

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