Woman Thrown out of Her Home after Refusing to have Sex with her Partner

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‘Afta wi dun argue bout di Brazilian and Peruvian hair she wah mi fi buy har, an mi tell har no, shi put a lock pon di ‘shop’…suh mi jus get mad an dash har out…’

Andre, the son of a renowned Jamaican pastor and budding minister of the gospel, wrote to the McKoy’s News Team expressing his grief, after his girlfriend, Sophia decided to deprive him of sex for not buying her Peruvian and Brazilian hair for her birthday.

Andre, who is 38 years old and hails from a community in Montego Bay, has been living with Sophia and her son for one year and five months. Andre has been playing the father role for Sophia’s son, Omar, who attends a noble primary school in Montego Bay. Andre explained to our news team that throughout their union, Sophia has always been closing ‘her’ shop, which he thinks is insolent, uncouth and immature. He further went on to explain that he always ensured Omar’s school money was set a week in advance, he ensured that Omar visited the dentist regularly and was being nurtured the best way a father can nurture his son, but Sophia was always ungrateful. Andre explained that being with Sophia, for one year, showed him that he lived with the ‘devil, Jezebel and Delilah sent directly from hell.’ In 2017, according to Andre, his girlfriend cheated on him twice because of wants he was not able to fulfill.

He shared a case where Sophia wanted to attend Reggae Sumfest in 2017 and she wanted a black party, lace mini dress, made of silk material, that she saw online and a seven inches high heel boots. He told her that he would try to see if he could take care of that, but it would not be a promise, because he had his father’s medication, the light bill and the water bill to pay for. Andre explained that he bought a black silky material, trying to see if he could pay to make a replica of the dress she wanted online, but when he told her this, she got infuriated and began cursing and threw the material in his face, in her son’s presence.

Andre said he lost control and grabbed her and pushed her in the coach, while her son was watching, and held her hands and started shaking her and shouted,

“Waah more yuh want, mi seh mi nuh ave nuh money fi buy nuh dress wa a fi 400 US dalla. Yuh wah mi get mad pon yuh. Learn fi understand. A mi a di man an if mi a tell yuh sumting an seh mi nuh ave nuh money an yuh nuh hear, mi go show yuh up in a public….ole devil!!!!”

He explained to us that the same night, he wanted sex from her, but Sophia deliberately wore a bell foot pants to bed and slept on her tummy the entire night. He tried waking her by shaking her left side, but the more he shook her, the louder she snored and the more he kissed the back of her neck, the more she continued ignoring him. The morning when he woke up he received derogatory statements for breakfast, because she started cursing him,

“Mi nuh wah nuh wuckless man, who cah sustain, who cah buy mi clothes an who neva ave money. Mi nah sidung in a poverti an deh wid nuh crack head, wuckless, bruck pocket man, becuz a looks, cah looks cah buy mi clothes, cah him not even cah buy himself propa brief fi wear, ole fart!!!!!.”

She continued cursing Andre, but all he did, was to laugh and continued ignoring her. In the evening, believing that there was peace in the house, he left work and reached home about 7:00 pm. However when he reached home, to his surprise, his wife did not leave any dinner for him and she was fast asleep, in the coach this time, wearing a long white gown and black stocking, indicating that her ‘shop’ was closed. Sophia closed her shop for seven days, saying that her ‘shop was ordered closed until further notice.’

Andre did not get a chance to pay the light bill and the water bill for August, because of the expensive dress he had to buy for the ‘shopkeeper’ which was his ‘terrible’ girlfriend. He said that for August, he was worried about the disconnection of the light and water because he did not want his family to live in discomfort, knowing a male was present to take care of the family.

Andre lucidly explained to our news’ team that the worst part of his relationship was when his wife was celebrating her birthday. He explained to us that on May 17, 2018, his girlfriend turned 32 years of age, and he paid for three day passes at a renowned family resort in Montego Bay, to celebrate his girlfriend’s day with his son and himself.


The day before his girlfriend’s birthday, Sophia asked Andre to pay for her son’s express passport. Andre said he decided to assist with the complete payment because he did not want his son be 12 years old without having his passport. The same day he paid for his son’s passport, Sophia came to him that same evening, asking him to buy her a Peruvian and Brazilian hair so she could be sorted out properly for her birthday, which would have been the following day.

He shook his head and explained to her that, in the morning, she asked him to pay over $11 000 dollars for the express passport and now she expected him to pay over $40 000 dollars for two sets of hair. He told her that he already planned something special for her birthday, but he cannot provide her with the Peruvian and the Brazilian Hair at this time.

Sophia started cursing him again..

“See it deh tuh mumma, mi nah guh look gud fi mi birtday…see it deh!! Mi nuh know a wah yuh fah. Yuh a joka an bruck dung it seems. Mi go affi ask one a di oda nigga dem who a look mi in di community fi di money. As a matta a fact, DI SHOP LOCK AGEN, NOT FI ONE WEEK BUT THREE!!!


Andre started to cry because he wanted to abuse her so badly, but because he is Christianized and raised properly by his parents, he did not want her to push him to the point where he would have to become physical. The same night, Andre was in need of sex, but his girlfriend decided to wrap a thin sheet around her body and used the other sheet on the bed to cover over herself. He tried again to unwrap her body from the tangled sheets, but every time he tried pulling the sheet, she wrapped it back around herself.

In the morning, he tried talking to her, but she ignored him. She was clothed in two shorts and two blouses and she kept repeating,

“All mi know is dat dis shop out a service fa three weeks until di owna gets more profit. No profit! No Shop!”


Andre explained to our news team that he was so upset that he started throwing out her clothes, accessories and her shoes on the outside. He said that neighbors were all on the outside laughing and watching him threw the items on the outside. He pushed her out and closed his door, but all this time, he was happy that Omar was still sleeping calmly in his room. He told us that he wrote a placard card and stapled it on his door which read…



NB: Names were changed to protect character’s identity

By: Ackeem Smith

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