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Woman Dies After Giving Birth, Husband’s FB Post Goes Viral

Woman Dies After Giving Birth

UNITED STATES ( Mckoy’s News) – Woman Dies After Giving Birth: a US man, Jean Luc Montou announced the birth of his newborn son Julian to his Facebook friends on May 9, at the same time he also announced the shocking death of his wife Sarah Bertrand, 29. Sarah died only 24 hours after giving birth to their son. Since the post Sarah’s story has gone viral.

There was no indication that Sarah would die, her death came as a shock – she gave birth to a healthy pregnancy, but she likely developed a blood clot during labor that rapidly developed into a pulmonary embolism, which killed her, according to doctors.

Montou wrote on Facebook, “My last 24 hours with her was the happiest I’d ever been. I’m not sure why, but I’ve never been allowed to be past a certain point of happiness. I loved this woman like no other and she died in front of me while I held our son.”

“I had never seen her so strong, so confident, and so joyful as when she held her new baby boy,” and that “While she will be missed so much, I want to honor her memory by raising Julian to be the best man I can make him, but it will be so hard with her sudden loss.” He told PEOPLE

Sarah was buried next to her father on the 16 “It still stings deep, it still feels unfair, and I still feel so helpless without her. The world is definitely a dark place without Sarah for us,” Montou wrote on a GoFundMe page.

# Woman Dies After Giving Birth

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