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Woman Damages Properties of her Lover after he Dumped her

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St James, Jamaica (McKoy’s News) – Woman Damages PropertiesA woman, having been dumped by her lover, decided to carry out her revenge by destroying the man’s belongings valuing approximately $200,000.

The court heard that the defendant, Monekelya Sommerville, who had a brief relationship with the complainant, carried out her malicious act after he told her to leave his apartment.

The Dias, St. James resident, who is facing a charge of malicious destruction of property, made a brief appearance in the St. James Parish Court on Friday.

Having gone to mediation, she agreed to compensate the complainant in the amount of $250,000 and has been making payments through the mediation office. She has a remaining balance of $85,000, the court was told.

Having conferred with the defence council and the prosecution, the judge subsequently set the matter for mention on August 25 and extended Sommerville’s bail.

The couple was reportedly involved in a relationship which only lasted for three weeks, the court was told, and during that time, the accused woman moved into the man’s apartment to stay for a while.

It is alleged that the complainant foresaw that the relationship would not work and on June 13, 2016, he told Sommerville to leave and not to let him return from work and see her there.

However, upon his return, the complainant discovered that a quantity of his belongings, including clothes, shoes, mattress, wash basket, pillow and other items were being destroyed by the accused woman.


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