Woman Accused of Stealing Over $500,000 from Employer

Jamaica News, April 6, 2018 – Woman Accused of Stealing

Montego Bay, Jamaica (McKoy’s News)  – A woman who allegedly stole over $500,000 from her employer made a brief appearance before the St. James Parish Court on Thursday to face larceny charges.

The woman, Nicole Hodges is represented by attorney-at-law Charles Sinclair.

During Thursday’s proceedings, it was revealed that there were three new charges laid against Hodges but Sinclair argued that his client had not been personally served with the summons. However, the investigating officer, who was present in court, explained that Hodges was not at home when he visited her premises and was assisted by someone at the house to communicate with her by phone. He also revealed that Hodges had instructed him to leave the summons with the person who had assisted him with the phone call.

Additionally, the clerk-out of court told the court that they were awaiting the question documents.

Hodges was reportedly employed to a security company as a manager and part of her responsibility was to collect payments from the clients for services, as well as to write receipts in the company’s receipt book.

Sometime in September 2017, the business owner realized that there was no indication of payments coming in from a client, LX Best Mart and spoke to Hodges about it. In response, Hodges reportedly told her employer that the client had withheld the money because of an incident with one of the security officers.

When she failed to submit a report, despite being asked, the business owner went to LX Best Mart and spoke with the owner, who informed him that he had paid over the money to Hodges up to the end of October 2017.

Copies of the invoices were examined and cross-referenced with the receipt book and it was revealed that nine payments from LX Best Mart, totalling $584,000.84 were not handed over by Hodges

A report was made to the police and she was arrested and charged.

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