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Dear Mckoy.
I have been reading your article’s and find your website to be interesting. I am a 43yrs old man from the United States, married and shared 5 children with my 39 yrs, old wife. In recent my wife 24 yrs old niece came to spend time with our family, but Whenever my wife is not around her niece tends to flirt with me a lot.
I told her It was wrong and if it happened again I would let her aunt knows which is my wife. She never stopped so I told my wife what she was doing and how uncomfortable it made me in my home! My wife laughed and said am overreacting and just not liking her niece. Now the niece made dinner while my wife was at work and just after dinner I got my kids tucked in bed and went to get a drink in the kitchen before bed.
I took the drink to my bedroom then went for a quick shower came back in my room had the drink and hopped in bed.  About midnight I woke only to find myself butt naked in bed with my wife niece, I quickly tried to get up but she gains controlled over me as I was very frightened by doing so she put my private in her mouth and gain even more control over me before I knew it I came. Now I feel guilty and not sure what to do.

I love my wife, my family and I know maybe I didn’t put up enough resistance. After all, this is her niece and I don’t wanna Break my wife’s heart and destroy my family. But I don’t know how she got in bed with me, I don’t know anything that happened after I had my drink. All I know is I woke and we were both in bed naked.

Mr. U.S.A.

Dear Mr U.S.A, I greatly appreciate your support and hope you’ll continue to read more.  
Now I must say you seem to have been terribly seduced by your wife niece who appears to be a home breaker and evil towards her aunt. I suggest you sit your wife down and try to explain to her what happened and with the fact that you told her about the niece first attempt then she should listen to what you have to say and take some of the blame.

Even though as a man you should be strong enough to resist a woman. I would also suggest you demand that the niece leaves because if you’re unable to remember what happened my belief is something was placed in your drink. Get an std and drug test done before having a sexual encounter with your wife again. I hope you both work things out. 

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