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Windel Myrie, A Businessman’s Caring Move  

Windel Myrie

Children gathered at a treat along Paradise Row receiving gifts from Windel Myrie.


Montego Bay, Jamaica (McKoy’s News) – Windel Myrie, A Businessman’s Caring Move: When it comes to Montego Bay business man Windel Myrie, he sure has a lot of love for the Inner City children. As a result, he has formed the Myrie’s Kids Charity Foundation, which is an organisation he plans to use to assist the children of the Inner City communities of Jamaica.

His first major event was his back-to-school treat held along the streets of Paradise Row in Montego Bay recently. Although he is not a wealthy man, he pooled resources from some of the business persons and organizations in and around the second city, and made sure the demands of many children were met.

Windel Myrie

Some of the contributors were Rainforest, CPJ Foods, Gateway Cooperative Credit Bank, CB Foods and Jennifer Taylor. The children were entertained and treated with bounce-a-bout, popcorn, refreshments and snacks and they were also given back-to-school items such as books, pencils and school bags.

‘I love North Gully and Paradise Row community, it’s residents are the most loving persons you can find, I will always help this area through my Foundation’, said Myrie.

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