Willow is caught stealing for a second time

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Willow and Dean’s money problems continue, as Willow struggles to make ends meet. Despite picking up extra shifts, Willow still owes Jasmine for covering her last rent. Willow is overwhelmed as the debt starts to pile up and is not assured by Dean’s hollow promises to find some work.

When Willow does get paid, she uses the money to gamble in the hope of a big win to help solve all of her problems, but loses her whole pay check instead. Desperate and with no other options, Willow resorts to selling equipment from the gym online, but is caught out when Jasmine witnesses the exchange. Backed into a corner, Willow lashes out at Jasmine and shoves the cash into her hands, exclaiming that she was only trying to pay her back.

Meanwhile, Tori worries about Ash after his abrupt departure during wedding talk at the Morgan house. When Ash and Tori finally touch base, Ash confesses to Tori that he needs some time to think, unsure what he wants for his future. When Tori debriefs with Justin, she expresses how tired she is of waiting. Justin agrees that Tori has put everybody else first her whole life, and it’s time she prioritised.

Tori conveys to Ash her desires to settle down and start a family. Despite the fact that Ash loves Tori, he doesn’t want to hurt her by asking her to wait, nor make promises that he doesn’t know if he can deliver on. The truth is he doesn’t know what he wants. The couple realise they have reached an impasse and split once again.

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Elsewhere, when Mason and Justin talk stag night ideas, Brody insists that he doesn’t want one. Disappointed, Justin cajoles Mason to plan one anyway, insisting that Brody will love it.

Also today, Hunter checks in with Olivia to see how she’s doing amongst all the wedding hubbub. They admit that they’ve each had a few twinges, but are happy for their friends and in a good place with their own friendship. Leah asks if she can do her next vlog about Olivia making Ziggy’s wedding dress. Olivia agrees and checks with Ziggy, who approves on the condition that the vlog goes online after the wedding.

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