Wi-Fi UK still booming

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Even though the coronavirus pandemic has negatively impacted many businesses both locally and abroad, Wi-Fi UK has still been making strides. The brand has been playing an integral role in making online school and working from home easier.

“The coronavirus pandemic COVID-19 has forced everyone to use the power of the internet to stay connected with their everyday lives with work, school and play, this is something we all usually take for granted. Wi-Fi UK has helped hundreds of homes, schools, and businesses in Jamaica to Stay Connected since Wi-Fi is now a necessity when it comes to having a connected modern-day life. Wi-Fi UK welcomes you to the future of Cloud-based True Mesh Wi-Fi Technology,” founder Jeffery Linton told McKoy’s Business News.

Wi-Fi UK officially started in the United Kingdom in May 2018 and expanded operations to Jamaica in March 2019. The entity’s main locations are in Montego Bay and Kingston.

Wi-Fi installations are available for all parishes.

Linton added that Wi-Fi UK’s prominence is due to the quality service provided.

“Wi-Fi UK has a rigorous ‘clients first’ approach that focuses on ensuring every client that connects to the Wi-Fi UK Mesh Wi-Fi network, always Stay Connected. Wi-Fi UK focuses on True Mesh Wi-Fi Technology via our powerful Cloud-based Wireless Access Points. This technology creates a blanket Wi-Fi coverage on every floor, in every room throughout your property and increases your internet capacity to accommodate over 60 devices with our Residential Mesh Wi-Fi solution, over 500 devices with our Commercial Mesh Wi-Fi solution and 1000+ devices with our Enterprise Mesh Wi-Fi solution. However, an internet service provider will be required,” he said.

Linton went further to explain the difference between internet and Wi-Fi Mesh Technology.

“Your internet service provider (ISP) provides you with a complimentary Wi-Fi modem/router which can only cover one to three rooms at best and typically connects up to seven devices and that is their main focus. Wi-Fi UK Mesh Technology can cover an entire property regardless of its size. Our Mesh Wi-Fi Technology allows you to connect a minimum of 60 devices simultaneously,” he said.

Although the brand has been doing exponentially well, the principals have expansion plans in the pipeline to appease more customers.

“Technology is a fast-paced industry and at Wi-Fi UK, we are no different. Our research and development team has been working tirelessly to create the next generation of Tri-band Mesh Technology. During the past twelve months since Wi-Fi UK has been in Jamaica, we understand the greater need for villas and smaller schools and businesses to have Mesh Technology. We have made an executive decision to launch our brand-new Tri-band Mesh Technology in Jamaica first for 2020. Wi-Fi UK Tri-band Mesh Technology will allow you to connect a minimum of 120+ devices simultaneously, across a larger multi-storey building. Wi-Fi UK Tri-band will also ensure smoother online gaming and is perfectly optimised for the Sony PS5 and Xbox SERIES X/S as well as 4K streaming,” Linton said.

The founder also added why customers should choose Wi-Fi UK.

“If you have experienced poor Wi-Fi when using the internet at your property and you have tried everything possible to improve your connection, including Wi-Fi boosters and Wi-Fi extenders, then Wi-Fi UK is for you. With our one-time cost, you can now experience a completely new Wi-Fi service for yourself, you only pay for our service once you have experienced our Mesh Wi-Fi Technology in action. Wi-Fi UK has an industry first 6-month refund policy, in the unlikely event you are not satisfied with our Mesh Wi-Fi Technology. Our clients enjoy our premium post-installation support with free revisits to your property,” he said.

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