Bill O' Reilly Fired Today, Bill O' Reilly's harassment case

Shocking Reasons Why Bill O’ Reilly Fired Today from Fox News

April 19, 2017 – (Mckoy’s News) – Bill O’ Reilly Fired Today: The revelation of Bill O’ Reilly’s harassment case, has made headlines everywhere, as the tough talking Fox News host of the O’Reilly Factor, Bill O’Reilly is came under heavy criticism by many, that he should be fired for his conduct. He was finally fired today April 19, 2017 by Fox, while on vacation.

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Reason Why Bill O’ Reilly Fired Today May be a Good Move for Fox News

  1. O’Reilly became a PR nightmare for Fox News 18 days ago, after the Times story broke April 1.
  2. Fox’s history of being tolerant to sexual harassment accusation, made this a necessary forceful, quick fire to prove they are intolerant of this.
  3. Fox former chairman, Roger Ailes, was accused of the same actions by multiple female Fox employees. He exited the network with a $40 million package last year, after being accused of sexual harassment.
  4. More than 50 companies pressured by consumers announced they would no longer advertise on the O’Reilly Factor.
  5. New accuser came forward this week — an African-American woman who worked at Fox News as a clerk– now stating that Bill O’Reilly sexual glares at her and called her “hot chocolate,” this has generated a world-wind of new devastating headlines.
  6. The company has paid out 13 million dollars already in fighting sexual harassment claims
  7. Fox News realized that all the money in the world could not fight this nightmare, it is just too damaging!
  8. Fox saw the 20 million dollar a year man as a liability, amidst the rise in his viewership.

Bill O’Reilly leaves behind a $20 million a year income with Fox News and 20 years of being on top. What’s next, will he too walk with a fat check? The Late Night King was on vacation in Italy when the news reached him, he was last spotted greeting the Pope.

Bill O’ Reilly Fired Today

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