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Who ‘Buss’ Vybz Kartel? Ricky Trooper Claims Tony Matterhorn Is A Liar


Sound system selector and dancehall artiste Tony Matterhorn did an online interview with DJ Wiz last week in which he made some bold claims. Two claims that stood out were that he helped to ‘buss’ Vybz Kartel and that he played a vital role in smoothing out the Gully/Gaza war.

Yesterday, however, veteran selector Ricky Trooper took to the Wizology Show to clear up some things.  His main goal: to call out Matterhorn on his claims and to set the record straight.

Ricky Trooper held nothing back during the interview. He proceeded to give a detailed account of the history of the Gaza starting from Kartel’s fallout with Alliance to the development of the Portmore Empire.

Matterhorn claimed that he was cool with both Mavado and Vybz Kartel but he chose to align himself with the Gully. He stated that he was instrumental in giving Vybz Kartel publicity by playing his music and dubs.

Trooper would have none of it. According to Trooper, Matterhorn did not even want to listen to dubs that Vybz Kartel sent him and was forced to do so by his mother. Trooper clarified that Foota Hype was the selector who stood by the Gully side while he was on the side of the Gaza. He said that they were the two selectors out on the Gully/Gaza battlefield and that Matterhorn wasn’t even in the picture.

He goes on to address the circumstances that led to the truce between Vybz Kartel and Mavado. How it was Mavado who first approached Trooper to talk on his behalf to Kartel for peace. He said that Kartel was reluctant at first but decided to cease the war after it started to affect his shows due to police interference. Again, Matterhorn was nowhere to be found.

Wiz then went on to play a voice note from ‘Butla’, Vybz Kartel’s first manager, addressing Trooper. He could be heard telling Ricky Trooper that Matterhorn was making false claims and that he, Trooper, should go on social media to set the record straight.

Trooper said that Tony Matterhorn is such a fraud  and a huge liar that he’s even starting to believe his own lies.

Matterhorn Claps Back
Matterhorn, not being the type to back down from a clash, spoke back to Wiz yesterday with a heated reply and some choice words for Trooper.

He stated that he didn’t claim to have ‘bussed’ Kartel. He said he gave Kartel the ‘biggest forward’ when he played his song at Fully Loaded which had over three times the spectators as World Clash. He then went on to calling Trooper a ‘fish’ who had agreed to play at a homosexual party ‘as long as the money right’ and then have the nerve to criticize him for accepting Cash App payments from his female fans during his online streams.

Matterhorn also stated that he was always a Gully selsector. He was just bigger internationally so he was not able to be on the battlefield as Trooper and Foota Hype was. He had to exercise more diplomacy.

He said that Butla is just bitter because he hasn’t been given credit for ‘bringing Kartel on the road’ which has nothing to do with him.

Who is telling the truth? Who is twisting the facts? Who is exaggerating?

Let’s see if Ricky Trooper will have a reply for Matterhorn. Let’s see if this interview beef will materialize into something more- maybe there’s a sounclash in the making.


Source: Dancehallmag

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