Westmoreland Woman Stabs and Kills Daughter-in-Law

Westmoreland, Jamaica (Mckoy’s News) – Woman Stabs and Kills Daughter-in-LawThe Whithorne police in Westmoreland say an elderly woman who is believed to be mentally ill and, who is believed to have use a knife to stab her daughter in law will be slapped with murder charges this weekend.

The victim, 21-year-old Debby Ann Morris of Amity District in Westmoreland was found in a pool of blood, in her
room on Tuesday afternoon, July 11, with multiple stab wounds.

The victim’s two months old baby daughter, who was also discovered at the scene was not armed.

It is reported that about 3:00 pm on Tuesday, the accused woman who is also believed to be mentally challenged, ran to the home of another female and told her that she had stabbed her step daughter to death.

The Whithorne police was summoned and upon arrival, the accused was taken into custody.

A search of the house led to the discovery of the body.

The police are now indicating that the accused woman will be charged this weekend. They also indicated that a psychiatric evaluation will have to be administered to the accused, in order to proceed further with the case.

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