Westmoreland Quadruple Murder, Homemade Gun Recovered

Westmoreland, Jamaica (Mckoys News)- Westmoreland Quadruple Murder, Victims Killed and Burnt: Investigators in the parish of Westmoreland have indicated that they have recovered parts of a homemade handgun and spent casings at a house in Brighton District, Westmoreland where four occupants were discovered dead on Friday night.

32-yr-old Alwin Clarke otherwise called Ziggy, Carpenter and 47-yr-old Suzan Clarke, his wife, who was a Swedish national were two of the victims found in the house. Clarke’s brother, 30-yr-old Derron Walters and Wayne Thompson a very close friend who hails from St Elizabeth, were the other two victims.

Reports are that shortly after 4:30 p.m. on Friday, a resident of Brighton District in Little London raised an alarm after fire was seen coming from the house where Clarke, his wife and brother resides. The police and Fire Department were summoned and on arrival, the firemen put out the blaze. They then moved to a room inside the burning house where they forced open the door and discovered the four bodies burnt beyond recognition.

The four bodies were later removed after the cooling down operation and transported to hospital where they were pronounced dead.


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