Westmoreland Wanted Man Shot

Westmoreland Police Seeks One Of The Parish Most Wanted

Jamaica Crime News, Westmoreland: The police in the parish of Westmoreland say they are now asking members of the public for their assistance, to apprehend a man who they say is among the most wanted men in the parish and is now being sought for murder.

Detectives have identified the accused as, Burton Shearer, who is known as “Bap” and who hails from  Church Lincoln  District in Grange Hill.

Reports are that in early 2017,  Shearer was the complainant in a case with another man in the Savanna-la-mar Parish Court. It is further reported that after the case was tried, the Judge found the other man not guilty and dismissed the case.

Shearer was not pleased with the ruling, so upon returning to the community of Church Lincoln, he allegedly armed himself with an illegal firearm which he used to shoot the other man to death.

Shearer then fled the community and has been on the run since then.  Over the past weeks, members of the security forces have invaded the community of Grange Hill following a gang flareup which led to the death of over ten persons.

Since then the police have managed to apprehend a number of wanted men, other criminals and seized over fifteen illegal weapons.  Shearer is one of the fugitives who up to date has managed to elude the security forces.

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