Westmoreland Parish Council to Bush Empty Lots

Westmoreland Parish Council to Bush Empty Lots

Westmoreland, Jamaica (Mckoy’s News) – Westmoreland Parish Council to Bush Empty Lots:   Mayor of Savanna-La-Mar, Councillor Bertel Moore has served warning that the Westmoreland Municipal Corporation will be launching a campaign to bush several unoccupied lots in and around the parish capital.

The corporation will bush the lots, bill the owners and serve them notices.

He said that the decision to  was reached during a heads of department meeting in the parish last week.

“We have decided that we are going to find out who are the owners and what we are going to do is bush the lots, send them a bill, attach it and put a caveat on their property that they will have to pay for the bushing,” Westmoreland Municipal Corporation chairman stated.

“We cannot continue to have people living in these areas and you have beside them crowded where you can have criminals hiding in these areas. So we must bush them at all cost.s. The council will be doing that.”

Arguing that “the practice is fairly widespread throughout the parish”, Moore is critical of some of the property owners who he claims can afford to keep their lots clean.

“We have to do something whatever little we can do we must do it to help the situation., the mayor stated.




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