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Westmoreland Man Shot on Bicycle

Westmoreland Man Shot on Bicycle

Westmoreland (Mckoys News)- Westmoreland Man Shot on BicycleThe Westmoreland police are now carrying out investigations surrounding the circumstances in which a 59-year-old man, from Wharf Road in the parish, was shot on his bicycle, in the community on Saturday morning. Reports by the Savana- la- mar police, are that shortly after 6:30 am on Saturday, the victim was riding his bicycle in a section of the community known as Marl Road when he was shot in his lower body, by unknown assailants. He fell from his bicycle into the roadway but managed to get up and run a short distance away, where he collapsed on the verandah of a house. The police were alerted, and he was rushed to the Savana- la- mar hospital, where he was treated and admitted. The Savana- la- mar police are now carrying out investigations into this shooting.

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