Westmoreland Man Charged with Stabbing Wacky Dead over Rum 

Henry Bucknor Mckoy's News Crime Investigator

Jamaica News, February 18, 2018, Wacky Dead over Rum:

Westmoreland, Jamaica (McKoy’s News) – A Westmoreland man who reportedly stabbed another man to death in February during a  reported argument over a bottle of rum while at a party, was recently charged with murder.

He has been identified as Kenroy Knight, a 24-year-old mechanic of Dread Lane in Negril, Westmoreland.

Knight, who is booked to appear in the Westmoreland parish Court this week has been charged with the murder of Andra Darren otherwise call ‘Wacky,’ 32-year-old of West End in Negril.

Wacky Dead over Rum: according to the police in the Parish of Westmoreland, shortly after 9:30 pm., on Thursday, February 2, Darren and Knight were at a party being held at a premises in West End Negril, when Darren accused Knight of stealing several flasks of rum from the venue.

Both men immediately got involved in an argument which developed into a physical confrontation.

The police further state that a knife was brought into play during the argument between the men, which was reportedly used by Knight to stab Darren in the regions of his upper body.

Darren was rushed to the Savanna la Mar mar Hospital where he was pronounced dead.

After the death of Darren, the police carried out a series of investigations and took Knight into custody.

Following an intensive investigation, Knight was later charged with the murder of Darren.

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