Westmoreland Man Believe to have Died by Committing Suicide

Jamaica News, Westmoreland: The body of a Westmoreland man who is believed to have taken his own life by committing suicide was discovered hanging from the branch of a tree,   in his community on Sunday,  August 12th.

The deceased has been identified as David Gardner of Cornwall district in Hartford,  Westmoreland.

Reports by the Whithorne police are that about 11:30 a.m. on Sunday,  a male resident who resided in the community of Cornwall stumbled upon Gardner’s body in bushes and alerted the police.

The deceased body was discovered hanging from the branch of a tree and a piece of red cord was tied around his neck.

Upon arrival of the police, the scene was processed, the deceased cut down and his body transported to hospital Savanna-la-mar hospital where he was pronounced dead.

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