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Westmoreland Infant Perishes in Fire

Elderly Woman Burnt to Death in St Andrew

Elderly Woman Burnt to Death in St Andrew


Jamaica News, March 14, 2018 – Westmoreland Infant Perishes in Fire                                           

Westmoreland, Jamaica (Mckoy’s News) – Investigators attached to the Little London police station and investigators from the Savanna-la-mar Fire Department say they are now carrying out an in-depth investigation into the origin of a fire, which claimed the in-depth a six-month-old baby girl on Saturday, March 10.

The dead infant has been identified as Difhaneque Bell of Cottage in Little London.

According to the police,  arson is still being considered as the main factor which led to the fire which engulfed the house.

Reports are that about 11:25 p.m.,  the mother of the child, Sasha-gaye Virgo,  who is employed as a bartender,  came home from work with her daughter.  The infant was sound asleep, so the mother placed the child in bed and quickly went to get her other child from a neighboring house.

Upon her returned, she was sent into shock to discovered her board structure house being engulfed in flames.

The police and the Fire Department were summoned and upon arrival, the firemen spent some time to put out the blaze.

After the cooling down operation was carried out, a search of the rubbles led to the discovery of the infant’s charred remains.

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