Did Westmoreland Accident Victim Die from Injuries or Did He Drown?

Montego Bay, Jamaica (Mckoy’s News) – Did Westmoreland Accident Victim Die from Injuries or Did He Drown:  Officers attached to the Montego Bay Freeport Traffic Department are now carrying out a full investigation to determine if a Westmoreland man who was involved in a traffic accident on Friday afternoon died from injuries he sustained or if he died from drowning.

The dead man has been identified as Damion Banhan, 33 years old of Burnt Savannah in Westmoreland.

Reports are that about 3:30 pm on Friday,  Banhan was driving his Grey Toyota motor car along the Bogue main road going towards  Montego Bay.

On reaching the vicinity of the Bogue Sewage Plant, he hit the embankment and lost control of the vehicle which overturned, and landed in the deep waters of the sewage pond.

A number of motorists along with officers from the Freeport Station and the Montego Bay Fire

Department gathered at the scene and made attempts to free the victim who was trapped in the vehicle under water.

Banhan was later pulled from the wreckage and attempts made to revive him by a medical team. He was later rushed to the Cornwall Regional Hospital where he was pronounced dead.

The police are now saying that it is very difficult to determine the true cause of death, as the victim

sustained injuries from the accident and was also trapped in the stagnant sewage water so he could have also drowned.

A number of eyewitnesses told our news team that they believed the victim could have survived, but that he died from drowning after the crash.

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