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Western Regional Director Paul Green Visits Falmouth Hospital Where Security and Patients Were Pepper Sprayed By St James Police Officers

Jamaica News: Our news team has learnt that the Western Regional Director in the Ministry of Health, Paul Green on Wednesday afternoon of June 20th, toured sections of the Accident and Emergency Ward at the Falmouth hospital to get a firsthand knowledge of an incident where a group of police officers attached to the St James Department, pepper sprayed security guards and patients at the hospital.,

We were also informed that Mr. Green had dialogue with the administration head and security team at the hospital and informed them as the legal approach they should take.  He also ensured that the patients, including two children who were affected by the pepper spray on the Accident and Emergency ward, received proper medical treatment.

In the meanwhile a team of Detectives were deployed at the Accident and Emergency ward and questioned several of the security team and patients who were affected by the pepper spray. We also learnt that the  four police officers  who were involved in an incident which resulted in mayhem on the Accident and Emergency ward at the Falmouth Hospital on Tuesday night of June 19th, have now been positively  identified.

Reports are that, shortly after 9:00 pm, on Tuesday the four plain cloths officers drove from Montego Bay to the Falmouth hospital to visit a colleague who was involved in a motor vehicle accident in Trelawny on Monday.

They were told by the security that visiting hours were long gone and they were unable to let them pass.  One of the officers reportedly started to act boisterously and they later identified themselves as police officers attached to the St James Division.

Eventually, the security team at the hospital sympathized with the cops and allowed them on the ward.  After spending some time with their patient they were informed that it was time to leave the ward. They again started another confrontation with the hospital security team

While on their way out, the police officers reportedly brandished pepper sprays and sprayed the security officers in their face and then left the compound.  The security guard and several patients on the ward, which includes two children, were seriously affected by the pepper spray.


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