Homicide At Another Child Care Facility

West Kingston Funeral Shooting Investigation

Kingston, Jamaican (Mckoy’s News) – West Kingston Funeral Shooting Investigation: with one of the shooters, who was cornered and badly beaten by mourners, in police custody at hospital, the police is pursing strong leads into this Sunday evenings funeral  shooting, which left two persons dead and nine injured.

The funeral service held at Kings Chapel Seventh Day Adventist Church on Windward Road in Kingston on Sunday December 10, for murdered victim, 30-year-old Romain Anthony White, a higler in downtown Kingston and a resident of Matthews Lane in West Kingston; was ambushed and shot-up by men traveling in a car and on motorcycles, Mckoy’s News was told.

Police say White was fatally stabbed on November 29, over space to display his goods.

Residents are still upset that the badly beaten shooter is being treated at the same hospital as the victims, yesterday a crowd at Kingston Public Hospital (KPH) became hostile as police escorted the alleged shooter to be treated. Persons shouted asking why the man was being treated after he was beaten by residents.

Jamaica’s murder rate continue to climb to over 1,500 year to date.


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