Wesrok Opens A New Genre

How can a country this small have so much diversity in culture, music, and somewhat traditions? Some of our tadte and pallet are actually more global than we think. Keep this in mind, population only 2.5 million we gave the world six hardcore genres (Reggae, Merenge, Hip Hop, DanceHall etc) and over a hundred subgenres (Grime, Grunge, Rock Steady etc). So we are no strangers to curating and composing.

Several genres have made an impact on the way Jamaicans listen to music and enjoy our festivities. The culture and entertainment scene is based on the fusion of several genres. One such genre is and always been a niche that stays in the pop lane. It’s Country & Western. It has always played a role in the Jamaican musical sphere. Whether it be Dolly Parton, Kenny Rogers, Shania Twain, Garth Brooks. Yes, they have all received good rotations and acceptance within the Jamaican and West Indian communities.
From the shows we keep and also the acts from the genre that has graced the island.

Now we have our very own Country & Western star in “Wesrock”. He looks the part, sounds the part, and has embodied what a real Country & Western star should be. His humble upbringing and his love for music have always had him singing the blues, Reggae, and especially the Nashville sound of Country & Western.

Wesrok is on the verge of releasing his debut EP this April. Now let’s talk about it and a couple of tracks we were privileged to hear.

“Born As A Winner”. This track speaks of the come up and what he took to get to where he is and as he makes note “he was born as a star”.

“Left Out In Thr Dark”. This track is a deep empathetic track. It speaks about death and the battles that people go through and the mourning process. Nicely put-together track with solid production.

“Do You Love My Jesus”. This track has a throwback gospel feel. That original sing-along melodic track actually shows a part of Wesrok which is his faith. He clearly states that this is where his blessings are from.

These are just some tracks we can expect on the highly anticipated seven-track project. His outfit 360 Global has made it clear we will be seeing a lot of this talented fusion singing Country & Western artist.

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