Well-Known for Her Stirring Dancing at Funerals, Dor Gets Ready for New Phase Once COVID-19 Passes

By now every mourner who went to a funeral in the past year must have, at some time, come in contact with Norma Watson, more popularly call Dor by residents of Montego Bay. Over the years, she has created some excitements at some of our top-class funerals with her dancing antics.

Well, she now plans to earn some money from her dancing talent, when the Coronavirus spread is over. The Rose Heights resident who was once popular at the Montego Bay courthouse compound as a vendor will now be marketing herself as a ‘Nine Night’ dancer, or a funeral dance entertainer to cheer up mourners, who may be saddened by the loss of their loved ones.

Over the years, I have got many applause and congratulations for my dancing antics at funerals, so it motivates me, as many people came to me with the idea to become an entertainer at Nine Nights, or at funeral proceedings, to cheer up the congregation,” she told McKoys News. “Well now I am ready to be rewarded, over the years I was just marketing myself, so it’s time for me to earn, If they can’t pay me, some may be generous to give me a token, as I am not working now.

Dor says she will now call herself ‘Gerreh Dor’ as her dance name. At the moment she said if she gets work on a regular basis it will also be beneficial to her health, as she suffers from arthritis and poor blood circulation. “I have these symptoms of sickness, and it will (the dancing)  help keeps me active, so if I get a lot of dance work, I may get even fitter at this ripe age of 61. Some of the funerals that she attended and danced at were for: attorney George Thomas, Raynor King, former Governor-General Sir Howard Cooke, and former Prime Minister Sir Edward Seaga.”

I just love to dance especially when the Montego Bay Boys and Girls Club Marching Band is playing, that’s the time when the fever hit me, as that is real live music that hits you in the bone,” said Gerreh Dor. “I am getting myself ready after the Coronavirus is over because they can’t be enough people now at funerals, so I will rest and get ready and learn more fancy dance moves.


 By Alan Lewin

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