Wayne Marshall Shares Nail-Biting Tale About The Time He Went To Jail

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Did you hear about the time Wayne Marshall went to jail for the murder of a police officer? You can’t make this stuff up.

The very loved Reggae singer turned Gospel artiste, i.e. Wayne Marshall, whose real name is Wayne Mitchell gave us the epic, very true tale in a recent episode of his YouTube show Meet The Mitchells that aired on Monday (June 27). This one was dubbed, Story Time: He Went To Jail, thanks to his wife Tami Chin who thought it was about time he confessed it to the world.

The show has been picking up a lot of traction since its inception in early April, copping over 65k subscribers from then and creating quite a buzz. The proof is in the pudding, their episodes just keep getting juicier and juicier.

Having heard Wayne’s jailbird story some umpteen years ago, it resonated so much with Tami that she had Wayne sit and dish out every bit of detail … well mostly the important parts.

So it was a Sunday afternoon and Wayne was just 18-years old at the time.  He and his bredrin ‘Sam’ decided to link some friends in Red Hills. Upon getting to the spot and chilling for a while, a friend of Sam’s asked to borrow his car for a quick 15-minute run. Sam (he’s a really kind guy) obliged and the friend took off with the car.

Anyway, 15 minutes quickly turned to 6 hours and it was 8pm (Wayne has school in the morning). Sam’s friend’s older brother realised the kids were stuck and perhaps their car was parked up at a bar somewhere, which is usually where his brother ends up most of the time during the evenings. So he decided to loan them a rental car until the following day.

As they were about to get to where they were going (home of course) another friend who was hanging around the spot asked for ride, Wayne called this friend ‘Doggy.’ As reluctant as the two were, they gave Doggy a ride; this is mistake #2 according to Tami, #1 being the obvious.

Well mistake #3 was a pretty interesting one; on the way to dropping off Doggy he sees his friend, ‘Pzed’ on the road and asks the guys to stop and pick him up too … they did. A few moments later, they pull up at Doggy’s spot and he insists that the fellas come inside and meet ‘Dada’ … now this is when Wayne knew something really bad was about to happen. He said, “Dem always say trouble nuh set like rain but mi naa tell nu lie, you see when we come out a di car and a walk round di back a di yaad, mi see it set, mi see the trouble a set like a big black cloud.” (Mistake #4)

Wayne said he walked around the back to see some tough looking faces and many ‘shiny’ objects in his peripheral view. Then lo and behold, a familiar favour was asked again, this time from Doggy, “We want borrow the car fi go round a one place fi go pick up some sup’m,” and without giving his kind friend Sam a slight chance to respond Wayne said he fully objected.

The next thing he heard was the barrel of 38 Revolver spinning and a stern voice, “This can go two way yuh nuh, a dat mi a tell some man yuh nuh,” warned Pzed. Well there wasn’t anything else to be said after that, Wayne and Sam were left again ‘car-less’ at the second spot and this time until the following morning without a wink of sleep.

At this point, it’s about 8 am on a Monday morning (they should be at school) and the guys still haven’t returned with the borrowed rental car. Pzed’s elder eventually tells him to send the boys off on their way … whew.

Wayne and Sam were finally back at their respective homes but having to explain themselves and the series of events of that night to their parents were quickly led to the Police Station. Then like an episode of Law and Order, the teenagers gave their statements and were soon ushered into the Superintendent’s office who then informed Mr. and Mrs. Mitchell that their son was a part of a criminal network.

It just so happened that the guys who took off with the borrowed rental car went on a robbing spree and killed a police officer. Before Wayne knew it, he was being escorted in a wailing police car to his quiet residential neighborhood for the officers to search his home, then back to the police station for a tireless barrage of questioning to then hand over his belt and shoelaces to be locked behind bars with some ruthless criminals, including Doggy and Pzed.

Watch the full episode of Story Time: He Went To Jail on Meet The Mitchells to find out what happened after Wayne was released from jail and had to ID the guys from the yard that took off with the car, below –


Source: Dancehallmag

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