Wayne Bernard Wants to Locate his Mother

A Jamaican who now resides in Canada is seeking information that can assist with connecting with his mother.

The Jamaican man, who gives his name as Wayne Bernard, wants to locate his mother who is known as Icylin Smith.

Wayne revealed that his mother is from St. Elizabeth, and he was born in 1979.

She is from St Elizabeth, she had me at age 17. My father’s name is Livingstone Bernard, and he is from Rose Heights, Montego Bay, St. James. I was also born in Rose Mount Montego Bay—I was delivered at home by a nurse.

If you can please help me find her I would be so happy, furthermore, I am 40 years old. My date of birth is July 10, 1979, if u can help me locate my mom I would be so happy, thank you!

It would be a joy if I find her or her side of the family, also I heard she worked at Heart Street, and I heard I have a sister in mount Salem, but I don’t know if it is true.

If anyone has information that could assist Wayne in locating his mother, please, email us at [email protected]


By Chenson Bennett

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