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Waterford Councillor Condemns Triple Murder


December 2: Waterford, St. Catherine: Councillor for the Waterford Division, Fenley Douglas is strongly condemning the murders of three members of a family on Charlton Road in the Waterford community last night.

Councillor Douglas is also calling on the residents of the community to remain calm and cooperate with the police to capture the persons responsible for the murders.

Councillor Douglas, who has been an advocate for peace in the usually volatile community, since 2012, when he became councilor, has taken several steps to bring about the relative peace in the community. “The current peace, which now teeters on the edge of being shattered, was fought for and won by the law abiding and peace loving residents of the community and I would not want to see all those years of hard work shattered,” Councillor Douglas said.

I am calling on those who know anything about the killings to inform the police I am also appealing on those involved to turn themselves in to the police. The community has lost some great and progressive people in this senseless attack and I am offering my deepest and most sincere condolences to the family.”

Councillor Douglas is calling on the commissioner of police to provide the police serving the Waterford Community with all the tools needed to catch those responsible in short order. “We would all like to see this matter resolved as speedily as possible so the family and the community may start the healing process as we approach the holiday season.”

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