Watch out for Criminals Says Mayor of Falmouth, His Worship, Colin Gager

Mayor of Falmouth, His Worship, Colin Gager, urged the Trelawny police to be very vigilant patrolling their borders and to watch out for criminals wanting to slip into the parish, in a bid to escape from parishes which are now under the state of public emergency.

The mayor further stated that, despite the fact that the parish of Trelawny is not been overrun by violent crimes such as those taking place in other parishes, now is the time when residents must join forces with the police, and be alert.

The police need to be very vigilant because there might be criminals who are finding their way here, and seeking a place to hide, said mayor Gager

He said that this is also an appeal to the residents to tell the police what they know, and for the police to be on the alert when approaching these unwelcomed guests.

Trelawny has not been having the kind of crimes that are been committed in other western parishes currently under the state of public emergency, but it so happens that we are on one of the borders, and what we will have to do, is to be extra careful, and on the alert, while making sure that we do not suffer a backlash or influx of gunmen fleeing those parishes, to Trelawny.

The parish of Trelawny has the lowest number in murders across western Jamaica and therefore it as not been posing much of a challenge to the security forces.

In 2018 the parish of Trelawny recorded 29 murders, while so far in 2019 the parish has recorded only eight murders, making them being among the parishes with the least murders in Jamaica.

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