Watch: New Music From Dexta Daps, Busy Signal, I Waata And Jahmiel

New releases this week came from Dexta Daps, Busy Signal, IWaata and Jahmiel. While Dexta Daps was his usual self spitting explicit lyrical content, Busy Signal was wondering why his ex was stalking him. Jahmiel and I Waata on the other hand had a common theme where both entertainers highlighted struggles and steps taken in overcoming them.

Dexta Daps – Twinkle & Call Me If

Dexta Daps is presently #9 on Trending. This artist is famous for producing songs with explicit content and “Vent-Episode Reconnected” is no different.

video RECONNECTED features two songs from his upcoming album VENT, Call Me If and Twinkle.

In Call Me If he encourages a female to cheat on her lover with him, considering that her lover is not performing satisfactorily in the romantic aspect of her life. The upbeat rhythm of this song evokes waistline gyration and the words of the song are easy to catch on. Let us see if this song will eventually reach number one.


Busy Signal – Watch Me

Busy Signal’s latest release Watch Me is a typical case of “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure.” Busy Signal outlines a scenario where his ex-girlfriend decided to leave, however as soon as she sees him with another girl she starts to stalk him. Throughout the song, he tries to seek answers as to the reasons why she has been watching him.

He outlines steps the ex-lover has taken to be informed about his life including creating fake profiles.

“So why u still ah watch mi, you know say you and you fren dem ah paparazzi, mussi chu u cant find nobody else out deh fi match me, that’s why u still ah watch me.”

Produced by – CR203 Productions, this song has a soothing rhythm and the lyrical content flows smoothly making it easy for the listener to grasp the message he is trying to portray.

Busy Signal - Watch Me (Official Audio)

Jahmiel – Rich

Jahmiel’s release Rich is one that seeks to motivate the ghetto youths to be wise, change their violent behavior, and seek wealth instead. The objective of this song is clearly to inspire change among the often stigmatized youths.

“Ghetto youths open you eyes enuh man, tyad fi get stigmatized enuh man, before you buy couple gun better you buy couple land. Avoid courthouses and avoid babylon”

He used this song to highlight the issues that the less fortunate ghetto youths face and encourage them to endeavor to strive for prosperity.

“We born inna  ghetto and we want come out, nuff a we a kotch cause we nuh have no house, we ah pree big bank account, some large amount.”

Jahmiel - Rich (Official Video)

I Waata – Dues

I Waata also released new visuals for his single titled Dues, Produced by Zimi Ent.

“Memba when me use to have it hard, pants cut it tun shorts, gyal whey use to walk past, start stop ah fimi yard.” I Waata sings in Dues.

Waata reminisces about the struggles he went through to launch his musical career.  The singer alludes to working hard yet not getting a fair chance to voice his songs.

He however indicated that he is now successful, leaving people to wonder how it happened. “Now dem ah try figure out how we do it so easy and so calm.” He explains though that his success is a direct result of pure talent and perseverance.

IWaata - Dues (Official Video)

Source: Dancehallmag

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