Watch: Kemar Highcon, Quada Go To Work For ‘Hundred US’ In New Single

Hailing from two of dancehall’s brightest up and coming talents, Hundred US is the latest dancehall gun chune. Commencing with a disclaimer (in the music video) that this is only purely a work of art and not to be taken literally, this single will have fans unleashing salutes for weeks to come.

Kemar Highcon and Quada combine their lyrical genius to deliver a ‘badman’ song with so catchy a punchline, even their worst critics will be compelled to sing along. “Mi no care if you walk wid ten man, dem brain deh wi fly like pelican. Murder ten a dem and tell dem fi send di don, di last bwoy whe see mi rifle a skeleton…”

Kemar Highcon who is best known for his 2019 single So Saucy shares equal credits with the Unruly Camp deejay Quada; whose best work to date is the 2018 hit entitled “Celebration”. The music video, released on April 11, 2020 on the Alien Mode Riddim features artistes Kemar Highcon, whose real name is Kemar Woodfine, and Shacquelle Clarke whose stage name is Quada. The song was produced by PapiDon Muziq, and the video edited by African Kydd.

The song, which comprises entertaining lyrics and references to various types of guns and the product of their use, enlists alternating verses. The most poetic line from Quada comes to the end of his only verse, which says “From enemy fi dead, a coulda April me a march”. The second verse from Kemar Highcon boasting his wittiest line states “Dis and think you get whe, your life the Intro Tec whe”. Highly descriptive lyrical display from both artistes and to think all this work for one
“Hundred US” dollars.

The music video, shot on two scenes, displays each deejay vibing to the song. In one scene, Kemar Highcon is accompanied by a voluptuous female with gun in hand, making slightly sultry gyrations and performing whilst performing suggestive acts on the handgun in a dark workshop setting. The other scene which features Quada is outdoors, and the Reflex deejay is accompanied by masked accomplices in the background.

Watch the video for Hundred US below.


Source: Dancehallmag

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