Watch: Bob Marley’s ‘No Woman, No Cry’ Gets New Video For International Reggae Day

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Bob Marley’s classic and iconic track No Woman No Cry has been given a fresh video in honor of International Reggae Day.  Watch it below.

The seven-minute video, directed by Kristian Mercado Figueroa, opens with a woman and her children on a beach in Jamaica along with other shots of the island’s flora and fauna, while Marley’s melodic voice is heard.

As the visuals continue the mother can be seen being baptized into the Rastafarian faith along with her children as they enjoy the countryside surrounded by rivers and trees. There are also flashes of the Wailers on tour.

Eventually, the family is shown in modern-day Jamaica and can be seen struggling to survive, with the mother selling water on the streets. As she struggles to make ends meet the father of the children is also struggling to save money in Brooklyn where he works as a cab driver.

After much perseverance, he is able to send supplies home to his family. The new visuals also focus on the daughter’s love and her mother’s apprehension. At the end, the women appear united and ready to face another day.

It also focuses on the fact that even in today’s society many are faced with difficult decisions to keep their family fed and happy, including having to live countries apart.

Bob Marley’s catalog has enjoyed a surge in consumption since the COVID-19 pandemic and worldwide Black Lives Matter protests took the world by storm. The Marley estate recently released a 6-track EP, which is named Why Should I | Exodus, which features remixes, dub versions, and a 12″ extended version of the title track. That EP is already available for streaming.

According to Billboard Magazine, the Marley Estate also announced that the 1984 compilation album Legend will be re-released on July 24th, as a limited-edition picture disc. The original LP’s front cover will be kept along with a previously unseen image of Marley. The album features some of Marley’s most known songs like One Love/People Get Ready and Get Up, Stand Up.

This redone video of No Woman No Cry is indeed an apt release for today as the world shows its appreciation for Reggae.


Source: Dancehallmag

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