Was the President on Oxygen?

Several questions are now being raised about the diagnosis
and treatment of the US President, following a media briefing
this morning, outside the hospital, near the White House, to
which he was taken Friday evening.
Doctor for the US President Dr Sean Conley would not say
specifically when asked repeatedly, whether Donald Trump
has been put on oxygen since he tested positive for COVID-
19. But the personal doctor for the President said Mr trump
was “not now” on oxygen and did not need it.
Another question raised by the press conference is when the
President tested positive for COVID-19. The doctor said the
president was diagnosed 72 hours (or three days) ago.
However, the public only knew 32 hours ago or late Thursday
night or Friday morning. Journalists and analysts said if the
diagnosis was made Wednesday and not Thursday then that’s
a serious matter.

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