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Was Roy Fowl’s Death a Contract Hit


Jamaica Crime: Was Roy Fowl’s Death a Contract Hit – Roy Fowl was a popular Jamaican party producer, musician, and drug smuggler. He was affiliated with the ‘Yardie Gang’ and was sentenced to 13 years in England, but the sentence was later reduced to 11 years. He was deported after spending half that time in prison. His 2004 England conviction included the production, supply, and possession of crack cocaine, where he used women to transport the drugs around the Caribbean and England through ingestion.

In 2019, Roy Fowl, whose real name is Owen Clarke, agreed to do an interview where he would basically tell his whole life story. He would provide information not available to the public, he would correct faulty stories, he would be telling secrets, but no one knew if it would include the names of people he was associated with in illegal matters.

Roy, who was between 61-62 at the time he agreed to the interview, had already finalized a date with the news company for his revealing life stories. A time for the interview was not yet confirmed at the Constant Spring location where they would meet.

He was murdered in a cold-blooded targetting one week after agreeing to tell his life story to the interviewer at the popular news company; an incident which caused a lot of speculation around the popular drug lord’s death.

He died one week after agreeing to tell his life story to the interviewer at the popular news company.

Police reports state that Clarke was at a ‘Fish Fry’ when he was suddenly shot in the back of the head by men passing on a motorbike. Social media posts with videos of the man’s paralyzed body swimming in a pool of blood seemed to have been taken to social media before the act was committed. That is how shocked people were about the travesty.

The interview would have been an exciting experience for everyone because people hardly get the chance to get firsthand accounts of a person’s drug life and prison experience. For this exact reason, it is possible that his killing was in fact a contract hit.

The last mysterious killing of a person who had similar ties and was a threat to similar people’s privacy was the 1990 death of Jim Brown. He died in a mysterious prison fire while awaiting extradition to the United States. Some would say it is a coincidence… most believe both murders were contractual.

Reports from last year, two years after the incident, stated that popular Jamaican DJ Tommy Lee Sparta’s illegal firearm allegedly was linked to the killing.


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