Was Mooney’s Death a Crime of Passion?

Jamaica Crime News, Montego Bay: Dozens of Montegonians within the parish of St James are now speculating the circumstances which led to the gruesome execution-style murder of Raymond “Mooney” Kerr.

The St James police have reported that 53-year-old Raymond “Mooney” Kerr, who was the Issa Western Region representative, was discovered dead at his apartment in Montego Bay, St James, on Monday afternoon. Kerr was killed execution-style, with a single gunshot wound to the head.

Following the discovery of Kerr’s body at his Appleton Hall apartment, news surfaced that the popular businessman and sports personality was found with his throat slashed.

Questions are now being thrown at the relevant authorities by residents, whether Kerr’s death is considered to be a crime of passion, or if anyone has been taken into custody in connection with his death.

Several residents expressed their concern over the nature in which the police conducted their investigations into the matter, while others are saying that Kerr might have been murdered by one of the many young men who frequently visit his Appleton Hall apartment.

It is also alleged that Kerr was shot by a bullet from his own firearm, allegedly by a young man who he knew, and who then escaped in his motor car.

Following his murder, unconfirmed reports have surfaced that Kerr’s licensed firearm and his motor vehicle, were also stolen. The police have refused to comment on the matter.

Raymond Kerr who went missing on Saturday was discovered dead at his apartment on Monday. The circumstances which led to his death has since left several unanswered questions on the minds of many persons in western Jamaica, along with several of his curious neighbors.

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