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Warren Johnson – “Views From Above” Vol #3 Dancehall vs Soca in Jamaica

Soca vs Dancehall in Jamaica

Dancehall vs Soca in Jamaica

The age-old arguments about these two musical genres was revived in a radio programme on Irie FM with Kashema Francis and her co-host, in a mock trial of sorts – which aired a lot of views that just added more gasoline to the fire. I was unable to stay tuned in for the verdict, but whatever it was; I noticed that the mindset of the participants seemed heavily skewed in favour of what they support instead of striving for the truth.

As an eclectic music listener, and a huge fan of Dancehall – a little less one of Soca music, I readily recognize the differences between the genres. However, the most important difference is that Soca is Trinidad, and Dancehall is Jamaica… Say what you will about the separation, and the chasm between “both Islands;” which are more than just rivals. You cannot question their love for their respective music. They are fierce competitors in this and just about everything else, and this usually give rise to some unsavoury stuff. Despite the animosity though, both sets of Islanders love Calypso/Soca and Reggae/Dancehall music.

It even hurts me to say this, but it is a known, irrefutable fact. If you go to a Soca event, you are likely to just have a whole lot of fun, but at a Dancehall event, while you may have fun, fear and even danger, may be companions.

Having fun and socializing are hallmarks of a Soca event, while the Dancehall one is about badness and showing off on one-another to the point of provocation, which often turn into fights with disastrous consequences.

You are likely to find more women at Soca events, and more beautiful ones at that.

Jamaican Soca Carnival

Dancehall events attract a lot of men, and their coarse, violent behaviour have chased out the beautiful women who used to attend dances. Leaving  the hardcore ones who, even if they look attractive, it is mostly thugs or wanna-be thugs who are attracted to them for various reasons. It is sad, because I am a big fan of the genre with a clear knowledge of what I am writing about.

Soca vs. Dancehall in Jamaica

The events that do well are the ones that mix genres: Dancehall, Soca, R&B, Hip Hop, Pop, Techno, including the kitchen sink.

Pure Soca events are boring, and pure Dancehall events are just not a lot of fun because of the clear and present danger with the excess of men and less than attractive, desirable women.

So when it comes down to the battle of genres, there are no clear winners, because the best events and parties combine both and other genres for fun and entertainment. Not too many successful and lasting events are exclusively one or the other, but a mixture with other genres to bring out all the wonderful and beautiful people who make events fun.

Until next time, keeps doing what is noble and just. Go ahead and have a discussion right here.

I am Warren Johnson



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